Wednesday, August 12, 2020




Virtual Trials Webinar


Patients have started to become reluctant to visit sites due to COVID-19, and studies must change to accommodate this. This development is pushing for a faster adaptation of virtual trials, either fully or partially.   


The webinar will focus on the advantages of virtual trials, and how virtual trials enable the study to get closer to the patients. We will go through the typical components in a virtual trial, both the internal processes, the services needed and the technology. 


Patient engagement, the devices used (incl. smartphone apps), eCOA/eDiary, eConsent and mobile data collection will be covered in the webinar. We will also go through the typical services needed in order to roll out to patients and how to avoid patient selection bias. 


After the webinar you will know how to get started with the planning of virtual trials.



John-1John Aggerholm
Project Director

John is the founder of the company. He has worked for 7 years at a subsidiary of Novo Nordisk A/S, as VP for eClinical Process Consulting, specializing in clinical processes in R&D and execution of eClinical programs. Before Novo, he worked for 5 years as CIO in IBM Denmark, and prior to that in IT and Clinical Operations at Henri Beaufour Institute Inc. in the US.




Sophie Hytteballe
Senior Project Manager


Sophie has more than 6 years’ experience working as a senior project manager in the pharma industry. She specializes in implementation of IT solutions (e.g. CTMS, EDC, and SCE), IT, validation and process optimisation. She has extensive experience with processes in clinical development, within clinical operations and Safety. Works in Denmark, Germany and England. Holds a Ph.D. in chemistry.



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