Trial Management Setup

Set your Clinical Trial Management team up for success

Eliminate inefficient use of resources and the continuation of operating in silos by transforming the trial management setup and adapt it to modern agile and efficient trial management setup​. Wcan help you transform your existing trial management setup by moving from large trial management teams to dedicated empowered teams with great support from enthusiastic working groups and expert teams.  

The new trial management set up 


Introducing a new way of working will lead to efficient use of resources as team members are called upon when needed, utilizing their core capabilities.  

The trial leadership could be consisting of a dedicated small group comprised of representatives from primary functions, e.g. Operations, Science and Biometrics.  

Experts are SMEs to a specific area or deliverable (e.g. selection of vendors or protocol creation) with the knowledge to quickly turn out the right product and will be called upon when needed.  

Working groups are formed and closed as needed during the study lifetime to tackle specific issues, obstacles or deliverables 



Benefits of introducing a new trial management setup


Business Capability Improvement
Transforming the trial management setup affects several business capabilities across trial strategy, planning, execution and reporting.

What’s in it for me?
Optimizing your trial management setup should see a better utilization of resources and usage of knowledge.

The trial management setup will bring empowerment to the teams, foster agile discussions, simplify the governance and foster faster decision making.

Ultimately bringing products quicker to market​.

Your partners in implementation 

We have extensive experience in the trial execution area and concrete experience in enabling the transformation from the old way of thinking study management to a new way of working. Bringing empowerment to teams, ease the governance structure and ultimately bringing products to market faster.  

We can assist you by combining a proven Life Science specific project methodology with a “best-in-class” knowledge of the trial execution area.  

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