Organizational Change Management


Organizations are lacking resources and methods to ensure that projects are consistently well-received by the impacted end-users and other stakeholders. When employed, Organizational Change Management activities are often driven by resources that lack the necessary project understanding.

Organizational Change Management is the process of planning and executing a strategy that aims to optimize the change readiness of an organization. Change readiness is a dynamic state within an organization, and the level of change management needed is based on many factors, including overall number of changes in an organization and the complexity of a change. Maintaining an understanding of the change readiness within the target group allows the project team to stay in control of all the factors that impact the implementation success. 

Where can Organizational Change Management bring value?


Business Capability 

Organizational Change Management provides information on end-user expectations and concerns related to the implemented solution as well as the tools to use the data optimally.

Organization benefits: 
  • Faster adoption of changes/new processes due to decreased change resistance 
  • Improved competency level of business users to effectively utilize new IT solutions
  • Improved organizational perception of changes 
Projects benefits: 
  • A benefit-centric project approach resulting from a focus on alignment between the project output and the business needs  
  • More engaged project participants 
  • Increased go-live readiness and improved project perception due to well-timed communication and training 

HERAX's Approach


We can support the Organizational Change Management process as an independent service, or as a part of the project implementation. In both cases, we draw on our extensive knowledge and experience within the clinical development space to tailor a change management strategy specifically to the system or process being implemented. 

HERAX will plan and execute the Organizational Change Management strategy, as well as develop a strategy for following up on change adoption and benefit realization. HERAX will work in close collaboration with the business representatives within the project based on a common understanding of the processes and challenges within your organization. 


Your partners in implementation 


By engaging HERAX for your Organizational Change Management needs, you will ensure end user adoption of the change by driving an OCM effort that supports, and adapts to, project progress.  

We ensure the delivery of change management activities by engaging the right stakeholders at the right time during a project, with a strong focus on end-users. 

The effort and the exact activities are scalable and dynamic and will depend on the OCM needs of the specific project. 

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