About Us

HERAX provides high quality business and IT consulting services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries.

HERAX assists life science companies in optimizing their processes and help implement and use IT more efficiently.

HERAX provides services using only senior consultants with extensive knowledge from Life Science. They advise and assist with project management, specific process and IT expertise, implementation and methodology.

HERAX focuses on expertise, methodology, teamwork and results when working together with our clients on projects.


HERAX assists our clients with process and IT expertise, to ensure they benefit from the experience and knowledge we have acquired from previous projects within the same area.


Our unique Pharma Business Process Architecture® ensures operational excellence in all engagements. It provides a logical approach, ensuring everything is covered and even though not all activities and deliverables may be needed in all projects, an informed decision can be made about leaving out specific activities and deliverables. The well-defined methodology, with a library of specific project guides and templates, enables greater efficiency and capacity in project execution as everyone knows exactly what to do, when to do it and the purpose of the activity. Our clients are free to use the parts of our methodology, specifically applied to their projects, internally in their organization.


On all projects the client's business and IT staff cooperates with HERAX consultants to form a strong team. Teamwork is the key to meeting deadlines with high quality deliverables. Change Management activities that make everyone understand the benefits and goals of the project, ensure a desire to participate in and support the change, thereby easing the change implementation.


On all projects it is important to have clearly defined goals and benefits that can be measured using objective metrics. Defining the goals, benefits and metrics in the beginning of the project, often in a business case, ensures that all stakeholders are informed and agree about the purpose and success criteria of the project. This also contributes to management buy-in, focus and support of the project, which are some of the most important success factors to realize and sustain benefits.


John Aggerholm

Project Director & Partner

John is the founder of the company. Before founding HERAX, John worked 7 years for NNIT A/S, a subsidiary company of Novo Nordisk A/S, as Vice President for eClinical Process Consulting, specializing in improvement of clinical processes in R&D and the design and execution of eClinical programs. Before joining Novo, John worked 5 years as Chief Information Officer in IBM Denmark, and prior to that he worked in IT and Clinical Operations at Henri Beaufour Institute Inc. in Washington D.C (US). John also serves on the R&D Data Management Process & Systems review committee for the International Aids Vaccine Initiative (IAVI).

Jette Klose

Principal Consultant & Partner

Jette Klose has more than 10 years' experience working as a process and business consultant in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector. She specializes in eClinical project analysis, design and execution, vendor selection services, optimization of R&D processes and IT usage, as well as organizational change management. Formerly, Jette worked 5 years as a senior business consultant for NNIT A/S and additionally 5 years at CSC Scandihealth A/S. She has 3 years of experience working in research laboratories in the field of medical biology. Jette holds a M.Sc. in Biology.

Herdis Stavnsgaard

Project Director & Partner

Herdis started her career in clinical research as a CRA and Trial Manager in Quintiles and Janssen Cilag before joining HERAX. She has 10 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and additionally 2 years of experience working in research laboratories. Herdis specializes in optimizing clinical processes in R&D, implementation of IT solutions (e.g. CTMS and EDC), vendor selection, business case development, validation, development of SOPs and quality frameworks. Herdis holds a M.Sc. in Biochemistry.

Sophie Hytteballe

Senior Project Manager & Partner

Sophie Hytteballe has a background in research before joining HERAX. She has more than 5 years’ experience working as a business consultant and senior project manager in the pharmaceutical industry. Sophie specializes in implementation of IT solutions (e.g. CTMS, Medical Monitoring Tool, EDC, and SCE), vendor selection, IT operations, business case development, validation, process analysis and optimization. She has extensive experience within all processes supporting clinical development, especially within clinical operations and pharmacovigilance. Sophie runs client engagements primarily in Denmark, Germany and England. Sophie holds a Ph.D. in chemistry.

Jacob Jensen

Senior Project Manager & Partner

Jacob has more than 5 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry working as a project manager and business consultant. He specializes in clinical data standardization (CDISC), IT architecture work, process optimization, validation, business case development, vendor selection and project management. Jacob has extensive experience with Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW), Statistical Computing Environment (SCE) and Metadata Repository (MDR) implementations. Before joining HERAX, Jacob worked as a project manager in a web development company.

Allan Bech Thomsen

Project Director & Partner

Allan has more than 7 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry working as a project manager and business analyst. He specializes in program/project management, business case development, vendor selection, change management, business & IT strategy alignment and financial management especially in clinical operations. Prior to joining HERAX, Allan worked 15 years in IBM primarily with strategic outsourcing, compliance and client relationship management in a couple of industries including life science. Allan supports clients in Switzerland and Denmark.