HERAX provides high-quality Business- and IT consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry

  • Extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical business with an experienced team

  • Focus on the Clinical Development-, Regulatory-, Quality-, and Pharmacovigilance business in all services

  • All consultants have personal experience within Life Sciences

  • Leading experience with technology used in Clinical Development, Regulatory, Quality, and Pharmacovigilance

HERAX Training Academy now offers 9 courses

Pharma Introduction (Covering the pharmaceutical business processes, from discovery to post marketing and sales)

Pharma Business- and IT Project Management (Covering method, tools, knowledge and processes needed to increase the effectiveness of internal projects for process optimisation or IT implementations)

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HERAX consulting services combines Clinical Development-, Regulatory-, Quality-, and Pharmacovigilance operational knowledge, technologies and project methodology. We assist pharmaceutical companies in optimizing their processes and supporting these with the use of IT. We create value for our clients through methodic project analysis, planning and implementation focused on time, budget and quality.

HERAX uses a unique Pharma Business Process Architecture® for all engagements.


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The benefits of using HERAX are: Improved and sustainable operational processes; IT projects on time and budget, with the right level of quality and compliance; Pharma specific project methodology.

HERAX focuses on assisting pharmaceutical companies in defining a framework for decisions, thereby focusing on results and benefits and avoiding the wrong decision path... learn more